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This collection contains materials from the Kenney Papers related to Annie and Jessie Kenney's professional lives beyond the campaign for women's political emancipation. This includes writing drafts and manuscripts, journalism, and other employment mementoes.
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Orient Line to Australia menu and pamphlet
Orient Line, 24 November 1938 - 12 January 1939
Certificate of Proficiency in Radiotelegraphy (Jessie Kenney)
HM Government Office of the Postmaster General, 9 April 1923
Jessie Kenney at the Marconi School
Unknown, Date of caption: 25 May 1994
Suffragette Fellowship Newsletter, 1957
The Suffragette Fellowship, September 1957
"Clapham has an air", The Evening News, 1954
Kenney, Jessie, 10 July 1954
"A Librarian at Sea", 1957
Kenney, Jessie, 1957
"A Moorland Mystery", 1957
Kenney, Jessie, 1957