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During 2018, we asked people to send us stories to recreate Annie’s Arboretum, a plantation created by the Blathwayt family, who invited suffragettes to recuperate from imprisonment in their Somerset home. The suffragettes planted trees to memorialise their work in the movement. However, it was destroyed in the 1960s.

Each story we received has been assigned a suffragette. Stories will be uploaded to this site from December 2018, to mark the centenary of women voting for the first time. In most cases, we will publish stories on the date the suffragette planted her original tree in the lost plantation.

We are grateful to everyone who submitted a story. The authors listed below and also pupils at Broadland Ormiston Academy and Langley School, whose stories have kindly been provided by these schools for display on our website.

The authors range from established writers such as Katy Darby and Sara Taylor to student writers to people who are interested in the suffragettes. There are of course several pieces of historical fiction, drawing inspiration directly from women included in the Blathwayt plantation. However, there are also stories inspired by figures as diverse as Katherine Parr and Joan Baez. There are contemporary screenplays, creative non-fiction, fables and counter-factual history. Many stories are inspired by mothers, grandmothers and friends.

We hope you enjoy reading these stories in 2018 and during 2019. Thank you to all the authors. It has been a rewarding experience watching the plantation take on a new form in your stories.

Harriet Avery

Pat Boynes

Romana Canneti

Jenny Corser

Katy Darby read Katy's story

Elizabeth Feretti

Victoria Finan

Lea Fletcher

Simon Flower read Simon's story

Peter Goulding

Liam Hogan

Sarah Hopkinson read Sarah's story

Zoe Kelly read Zoe's story

Maria Kyle

Yin Lim read Yin's story

Lourdes Mackey read Lourdes's story

Cara Marks

Grace Maxwell Brown read Grace's story

Benjamin Stickney Morrison read Benjamin's story

Valerie Morse

Amy Pattison read Amy's story

Saloni Prasad

Victoria Proctor

Petra Rau

DC Restaino read DC's story

Jules Robbins

Sally Shippam read Sally's story

Henrietta Shirazu

Fiona Sinclair

Janet Swinney

Sara Taylor read Sara's story

Debbie Vince

Max Westmoreland read Max's story

Rebekah Woolmer

Hannah Wright read Hannah's story

Maggie Yaxley Smith

The stories will be available on the website for at least five years, unless requests are received from relevant individuals to remove one or more of them. For more details see the website terms and conditions.