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The Kenney Papers archive: 100 digitised items

As children, Annie and Jessie Kenney worked in an Oldham Mill. They became leaders in the Suffragette movement. Here you can discover fascinating insights into the suffragette movement through letters, badges, materials from their childhood and personal thoughts on their legacy in the 1950s and 1960s. The collection was gifted to UEA in 1994 by Warwick Kenney-Taylor, and has since been added to.

We have digitised 100 archive items and made them available via this site for a new generation of Suffragette scholarship.

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Annie’s Arboretum

Annie Kenney was Christabel Pankhurst’s right hand woman. In 1909, she planted a tree in the grounds of Eagle House in Somerset. Over the next few years, around 60 suffragettes planted trees to create a plantation, or Annie’s Arboretum, as it was known. In the 1960s, the plantation was destroyed by property developers.

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Suffragette Stories

A trace of Annie’s Arboretum can be found in the Kenney archive in the form of cuttings sent to her over the years from Eagle House. These remnants of the lost plantation give us an opportunity to reimagine the legacy of the suffragettes.

The Suffragette Stories project is publishing an anthology of short stories to commemorate these women as we celebrate the centenary of women winning the right to vote. Click here to learn more about our anthology.

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Learning Resources

You can learn more about the suffragette movement using our suggested reading list here which includes a few of our own materials available for you to adapt.


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